About me


I am an 18 year old singer-songwriter/composer from Athens, Greece. Music is the only way I can really express myself and be authentic. My interest in music traces back to when I was 6 years old, listening to and observing my mother creating her own compositions at the piano. Whenever she would stop playing, I would sit in front of it and start improvising and playing what I heard. After I realized I had the ability to reproduce whatever I heard at the piano, I wanted to have piano lessons.

In addition to my classical piano training, I am also a self taught drummer, guitarist, and vocalist. I compose two genres of music: popular and instrumental. My instrumental pieces are mostly film scoring music. I only compose songs when I want to express a feeling or a thought. Each individual piece narrates its own story in its own unique way. The lyrics of my songs are inspired by real life experiences – either other people's or mine.   My goal as an artist is to inspire both mentally and emotionally, to stimulate the listener’s spontaneous  thoughts and interpretations. I want them to realize new aspects of their personalities, as I do each time I compose a song.