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Nicoletta Performs at the Boston Fashion Week 

Nicoletta Performed at the Fashion on Fire Fashion Show an original composition, benefiting project smile.

Nicoletta's song "inside" gets LICENSED

On July 26 2017, Nicoletta's original song "Inside" got licensed by Mood Media, K-Digital Asia sync. PlayNetwork overhead Music Blanket and became a part of the Compilation Album Distribution II .


string quartet l'anima performs Nicoletta's quartet in greece

On June 28 2017, a professional string quartet called l'anima performed six original string quartets composed by six Berklee students, including Nicoletta Nomicou. The recital took place in Greece. Nicoletta's String Quartet is entitled String Quartet No.1 and has three movements: Yvonne, Interlude, Myrtali. The names (Yvonne and Myrtali) are her mother's and sister's to whom she dedicates her Quartet, which is the first one that she has ever composed. 


Nicoletta becomes a member of "songfinch"

On summer 2017, Nicoletta Nomicou became a member of "Songfinch" as a composer. Songfinch is a site where people can request original songs composed for their special occasions. 


Performances with the Indiebox band

The band performed at the Brighton Music Hall in Allston, Boston on May 4rth and at the American Beauty Bar in New York City on May 5th. Stephen Learson was playing his original music with his band, including Nicoletta Nomicou and Nicole Alexandra singing the Vocals. at the Brighton Music Hall (Allston, Boston) and American Beauty (NYC) May 4rth and 5th With the Indibox Band

"Performance for Lifeline Hellas Charity Event"

Lifeline Hellas is a very prestigious charity organization in Greece. In December 4, 2012, it organized an event called "A Letter to Santa Claus" in order to support the charity organization, "Kalos Poimin," that protects underaged children. This event took place at Grande Bretagne, a hotel in Greece. Prince Alexander and Princes Amy Aikaterini of Serbia, together with her daughter and daughter in-law also attended. According to an article that followed, "during the event, the guest enjoyed listening to the original compositions of Nicoletta Nomicou who played the piano and sung, together with her sister, Myrtali"  (December 4, 2012).